Thursday, February 4, 2010


Three flights, two layovers, one taxi ride and about 30 hours in transit and we are officially back in Mysore. Currently, that means sitting in an open air Internet Cafe in about 75° early Friday morning, typing away. We have about 15 minutes of good sleep between us in the last 48 hours, so we're gritty-eyed and thick-headed, but otherwise well.

To be here again feels remarkably surreal. Surely the sleep deprivation has something to do with it. But more than that, it's a deja vu sort of feeling to be again in a place that has remained vivid and frequently visited in memory in the last two years. It almost feels as if we never left, and yet it was overwhelming to simply walk through Gokulum for the first time a few minutes ago. It's loud, hot, dusty, aromatic, urban, and somehow like stepping directly into a memory you've been savoring on a daily basis for years.

For today we are staying with an Indian family. That is only until we find a more suitable place (they normally don't host couples, and it's a little too far from the shala), which is the main business for today. That means knocking on a few well-known facilitators' doors, and also asking most anyone we run into. There is sure to be a significant turnover at the end of Sharath's first month of teaching here (Tuesday the 9th) and hopefully we can scoop up a soon-to-be-vacated prime spot. Dare we hope for wi-fi?

We've also been invited tonight to go see some Indian classical dance with our host family. It will be a good reason not to go to bed at noon (Mysore time). If we can make it through the performance before crashing out, we're well on our way to shaking off the jet-lag.

Our first practice day at the shala will be Wednesday Feb 10th. We will probably register at the shala on Monday the 8th and hope for a good (early) start time. Hope Sharath likes our new haircuts! There looks to be enough room in our living space to practice on our own until then. K is looking forward to sweating again; E is already sweating from the typing exertion.

All for now. Shout out to all who attended the first Mysore class in our absence, which wrapped up just a few hours ago!


Jen said...

Hope you found a new home close to the mango cart!

me said...

I didn't heard anything from you, Steve updated me you have blog .. I googled it !! :)

Enjoy India !!