Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve Mysore

We had a cozy group for our New Year's Eve special Mysore class. Technically, this year New Year's Eve was Moon Day (a blue moon, in fact). While that makes it an off-day, we figured there were better chances of attendance on New Year's Eve than New Year's Day, even at 10am. Rules were made to be broken (just don't tell Sharath).
So, three plucky ashtangis gave it a go. Jeff and Jessica (two of our legion of "J" students) did the first half of the Primary Series. E, following Matthew Sweeney's practice advice, used
Thursday as an Intermediate-only day. It is traditional in Ashtanga to practice one series until competent, and then gradually add on postures from the next series.
Sweeney advises choosing one day per week to practice only the new series postures alone. This is usually done on Thursday, sometimes called "Research Day." Yes, we are yoga nerds. No, there's nothing that can be done about it.

Check out these few pics: dueling Parsvottanasanas, closing postures. Also, a couple of videos: a passable and, believe me, hard won Kapotasana—go go spider fingers!—and the Tittibhasana sequence, sure to have the thighs screamin' by the end.