Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tapas Yoga Shala Grand Opening

Please join us for an evening of yogic philosophy, Q&A, and Indian culture with guest scholars Sri Narasimhan and Dr Jayashree of Mysore, India. E & K studied with these two over the summer and they are truly special. Leave your Prana water bottle and Lululemon Shakti Sweat Shammi at home and come see the real deal, yogic scholars straight from the subcontinent, and straight from the tradition (we can make this dig because we use and love these brands). Do not miss this opportunity as we celebrate the opening of Tapas Yoga Shala (E & K's new and, we'd like to think, premiere yoga school) in cooperation with the Davenport School of Yoga.

Yoga: Philosophy and Tradition
November 6th, 6-8pm
421 Brady Street
Davenport, IA

E & K had the great opportunity to listen to Yoga Sutra lectures with Sri Narasimhan while in Mysore, India. To our great surprise, Sri Narasimhan and his sister, Dr. Jayashree are embarking on a US tour and we were lucky enough to secure them for this workshop. Don't ask how; we can't believe it either. The evening will be nice and informal; please bring all those burning yoga questions you've been chewing on, as you likely won't find a better opportunity for answers anywhere this side of the Ganges. This duo will also be presenting at Moksha Yoga Studio in Chicago, IL, several studios in NYC including both US Jivamukti Yoga Centers (David Life and Sharon Gannon), The Miami Life Center (Kino MacGregor), and many other prestigious locations. The event is free, though free-will donations are greatly appreciated to cover the cost of the workshop, including a donation to our presenters to further their teaching. Tapas Yoga Shala will not keep any profit from this event...except of course any wisdom that sticks between the ears and the bragging rights gained by hosting these two fabulous presenters.

Please call with any questions - 309-236-6084 (Kelly)

We hope to see you there!!!


BG said...

"Tapas": knowing when you absolutely, positively CANNOT do another Navasana...but you do it anyway.

Wintermoon said...

We're so excited for you! Can't wait to check out your space!

Love you both!

N said...

very cool; congratulations guys. i'm diggin' the logo!