Monday, February 8, 2010

Ah, this is the life

Well, we slipped right back into the yoga bum lifestyle as if we never left. It's almost as if we live some version of this way even when at home. We're two days into practice at KPJAYI and feeling thoroughly sore in the hammys and satisfied overall. We have a start time of 830a, which is pretty late, but not difficult to understand with the shala as full as it is. Sharath is still teaching during our practice, and for this we are grateful. We were both told to do full Primary on the first day. I (E) am a little gimpy due to a knee issue, so Sharath almost stopped me at Marichyasana D, but I told him to buzz off. No, seriously, I was able to catch, even if only by my fingernails. Not sure if my knee is in the process of opening up into some new magical vista of flexibility or if it's just falling apart, but I'm working with it.

There are all levels of students at the shala. With our start time we see mostly those at our level and below, as the total beginners are arriving as we are wrapping it up. There is probably some 3rd & 4th series craziness going on at 5a; we're hoping to have our times bumped up, especially as Sharath's first month ends.

Today we are happy b/c within 30 minutes of ending our practice we had secured a great place to stay and a scooter. These two chores, especially the former, had been weighing on us as everyone EVERYONE told us how many students are here and how there is no housing. We won't have wi-fi in the place, and it's your average Indian concrete, barebones structure, but it is three or four rooms, an open air hallway, kitchen, bath, etc. With the scooter, Internet is only a few minutes away. So far, Indian driving rules seem to be: do anything at any time as long as you honk excessively.

Today as we were waiting to be called in to practice, one student was leaving through the waiting area. He was very noticeable b/c he actually a little…stout. Portly. Husky. Chubby. You get it. You wouldn't even notice him most places, but for the shala he's heavy. So, anyway, he's almost out the door and Sharath calls across both the practice space AND the waiting area: "Andrew! Remember, today ONE MEAL ONLY." He comes hustling across the practice space and sticks his head out into the waiting area and says it again. Andrew says "Yeah, I know, I've already lost 6 kilos." Sharath says "Six more!" and turns on his heel and goes back to work.

The first lead class approaches (Friday morning). It should be a swift ass kicking and we're looking forward to it.