Monday, January 4, 2010

Student Conference

Thanks to everyone who baked (either at home or in the 11a class) in preparation for Student Conference. A good time was had by all, following one of our biggest Primary Series classes in some time.

Revelations included instruction on Setu Bandhasana, Sirsasana, and E & K's ridiculously long personal practices. But the big news of the day is that we will be returning to Mysore, India, for more study with R. Sharath. Though the ashtanga series' are easily found in books and online, there is no substitute for personal study at "the source," as KPJAYI is often called. We are happy to have been accepted back for study with Sharath, as standards seem to be tightening.

What does this mean for tapas? For the duration of our study (approx. Feb 3 – April 17), our class schedule will be reduced. All vinyasa classes will be cancelled. Mysore classes (Tues & Thurs nights @ 6) will continue with a "lead student" taking responsibility for housekeeping and available to answer basic questions about the sequence. Sunday Primary Series class will also continue, in some capacity (audio track, Mysore-style self-practice, or something else TBA).

Additionally, we may have some other events in the offing: Kino MacGregor will be returning to Moksha in Chicago in March. There is loose talk about a tapas roadtrip to Kino's Sunday Led Primary Series, 3/21. We strongly encourage study with other teachers, especially those of the caliber of Kino and attending a class identical to that we do every Sunday is a perfect opportunity. We are also looking at hosting a Jivamukti Yoga workshop with Aubrey Hackman in late March.

Thanks to everyone for your support of our lil' yoga studio. We have received generous offers of help around this trip, from help keeping a few classes meeting to trip sponsorships. If you are interested in helping, please contact us ( or 309.236.6084).

There are currently two teachers at KPJAYI in Mysore. Saraswathi is Guruji's daughter. She is now 68. As you can see, they start them young (that's proud papa Guruji on the left in the lower picture). Saraswathi primarily works with new students.

Sharath is Saraswathi's son, Guruji's granddaughter. He has succeeded Guruji as director of KPJAYI. He also started young. Unlike American teachers (present company included) you rarely see him practice and have perhaps wondered if he spends his mornings barking orders at students and then loafs around the rest of the day eating Indian Cheetos. Well, check out the video below and see what you think.


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Yeah!!! Good luck E&K!!!!

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