Sunday, February 22, 2009

Romance Postures

This is Matthew Sweeney.

In his Vinyasa Krama book, in which he creates some of his own Ashtanga-is-for-sissies posture sequences, he writes a brief blurb about "romance postures." Obviously, you're immediately thinking Kama Sutra, but in this case he means "the asana that students fantasize most about accomplishing, particularly when they are inappropriate for you."

He names four postures. I think we'd agree that the four he has chosen are apt for his description. However, before we mention them, let's do a brief, informal survey between those who read this blog (yeah, both of you). What are your four "romance postures?" Now, this doesn't mean that they are postures you can't do...perhaps they were at one time, but you've gotten them and now you can be smug about it. Or, maybe this or that posture miraculously came easily for you, but you still love to do it. Or, we could very well be talking about postures that are still out of reach. They also do not necessarily have to be extreme. An informal Cambridge survey came up with postures like Vrksasana and Chaturanga Dandasana, neither of which would we have anticipated.

We'll give it a week and post Matthew's four next Sunday, 3/1. And if you happen to have the book or know which four he chose, let's not ruin the surprise, eh?

Fair warning: Google Image searches for "romance poses" or "romance postures" will NOT get you what you are looking for; "romance positions" is even worse (or better, depending).

In the meantime, check out this tiny section from one of the sequences in Vinyasa Krama. You may need to view it on its own to get the full flavor.


Jen said...

1. adho mukha vrksasana
2. dwi pada viparita dandasana
3. natarajasana II
4. eka pada rajakapotasana

sfauthor said...

Nice posting. Do you know about these yoga books?

BG said... no particular order:

1)Urdhva Dhanurasana (drop-back)
2)Adho Mukha Vrksasana (unsupported)
3)Eka Pada Koundinyasana II

E and K said...

Kelly's Top 5

1. Niralamba- Shirshasana
2. Adho mukha vrskasana
3. Jumping back
4. Navasana -> Adho mukha vrksasana
5. Pincha Mayurasana -> Karanda Vasana -> Pincha Mayurasana

Oh, Oh one more

6. Vrisikasana

Ann said...

Can I do anti-romance postures (i.e. postures I hate and wish would go away?)

Ok, here is my list, for real:
1. Warrior III. For no reason, I cannot do this pose. It drives me insane...a lot.
2. Warrior III on the other side. Same situation. I think of them as 2 separate poses because it doesn't make sense in either case why I CANNOT do them.
3. Side plank while holding my foot up. Seriously I could easily do this 10 years ago. Annoying!!
4. Headstand without a wall - why oh why can't I do this. Ridiculous.
5. Dancer's pose (w/o falling over). :)

Now I have to go look up everyone else's romance poses on google. I'm still sanskrit illiterate!

rick said...

Interesting responses. Mine would be:

- self binding Kapotasana A at the ankles

- coming up from Karandavasana

- jumping into a perfect Tittibhasana A

- self inflicted Chakra Bandhasana at the knees

- the entire third series

E and K said...


1. adho mukha vrksasana
2. padmasana
3. urdhva dhanurasana dropback/tiriang mukhottanasana/viparita chakrasana
4. eka/dwi pada sirsasana

Kathy said...

So many little time:

Urdhva Dhanurasana
Adho Mukha Vrksasana
Upavistha Konasana A

And....Jump Through