Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Shala needs YOU!!

Alright, Shivas and Shaktis, yogis and yoginis. It looks like we'll be shooting some pics at the shala in a few weeks. Well, actually, we often shoot pics during class for no particular reason (except maybe this blog). But in this case, we'll have an actual pho-TA-grapher who knows how to work a lens. The idea is to get ourselves a nice file of quality photos for any ol' promotional/self-aggrandizing future purposes we may have or come up with.

Currently, it looks like we'll be shooting on February 7th and 8th, during Saturday's Vinyasa III (1230 - 2) and Sunday's ubiquitous Led Primary Series, respectively. We'd like to have lots of people in these classes, for obvious reasons, and so we're putting out the call and offering a $5 drop-in cost for any and all who heed it. These classes will go as they always do; that is, we won't be "posing up" any shots or doing any 3rd, 4th, or 10th takes on Dikasana to get the photo just right. We want to represent the shala for what it is: real yoga, in real time. REAL TALK!! (this will take you to an extremely HI-larious but witheringly profane video by R. Kelly. That's right: R-Kels. I don't think he does Ashtanga...meh. Watch if you dare - you've been warned!)

We're also considering inviting in a traveling/professional yogi to do a workshop and/or kirtan for us. Anybody interested?

Finally, here's a creepy pic to freak your sh*t out.


Ann said...

Yo!! I'll roll. Well, not literally, as in gharba, but I'll be there both days! :)


P.S. Don't worry, I won't be wearing any yoga shorts or the "yogatard" I saw in a yoga catalog at Indigo today. That would make for scary pictures. Ew.

BG said...

Well, I'm always there on Saturday and Sunday ANYWAY, so the $5 per class is just an extra bonus for me...I'll be there.

An actual Photog, eh? pretty sweet. Tell him/her to bring a special lens that DOES NOT FOG UP due to humidity!

Sundays class is always the same sequence of poses (by definition!), but need to come up with a sweet class on Saturday that will make us all (and therefor: the shala) look good! My left side is my best, BTW.

Jeff and I will share make-up, and Ann imported some EXTRA sweaty shorts directly from Mysore for the shoot (plus a brand new Manduka mat in tow), so we are golden!

Z said...

Rockin! I'm in.

{wonders} Yogatard? Nah... That would be too scary!

Given the pale white pallor of the photo and the apparent rigor mortis, I'm thinking she must have been un-earthed from snow bank with yesterday's warm weather.

I didn't see Our Kelly in that video.

shaheel said...

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