Friday, January 16, 2009

Ashtanga Yogasana

From Matthew Sweeney's Book Ashtanga Yoga As It Is, which by the way, we are loving.

"...When the complete beginner learns Suryanamaskara, he or she repeats it until it is committed to memory. Self-practice begins with the first class. It does not really mater how well (physically) the individual does it: there should be no judgment on how it looks. Memorizing the practice is vital. This is often more confronting for a beginner than physically doing it...

... Repetition is key aspect of learning. As the postures are committed to memory, there is a correxponding level of trust in the body: you know what you are doing, you know what comes next. There is no anxiety anticipating what the next thing will be. The physical aspect begins to develop with a gradual increase of flexibility and strength as the body and mind syncronise. It is most important to focus on the process rather than the outcome."

So, as Guruji would say
"99% practice 1% therory"

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shaheel said...

Yoga is a very good way to have your body, mind and soul cleansed and purified but also a unique chance of reaching a higher self. Many people do not really know about the benefits of yoga. They might have heard about it in newspapers, magazines or from their friends, but many of them do not have an idea on what it truly is. That’s because yoga is not something palpable, something that you can touch and give to someone else. It’s just your experience, your journey with yourself in order to become a better man.Hatha yoga