Monday, February 9, 2009


Hurray! Yippee! Hurrah! Kudos!

The tapas yoga shala photo shoot was a major success. We got to peek at a few pics and we are soooooo excited to see how the rest turn out. Facebook fans- check out Shuva's site by typing in "accent photographics" into the search menu. She mentioned she would be posting some of the pictures in the next few days. So excited.

In other developments, we have secured our place this summer at the Matthew Sweeney workshop at Yoga House in Minneapolis, MN. You can check out their site at We are especially excited because this week will include 4 days of supervised Mysore practice, which we have not had since leaving Mysore. In addition, there will be three days of workshops, two learning some of the sequences Matthew has developed, jumping through and jumping back, vinyasa, backbending, mula bandha and headstand, handstand and meditation. Yum!

Anyway, check out Shuva and become a fan of tapas on Facebook!


Z said...

re:Yoga House
Excellent! It looks like it should be a great. I'm tempted. Take good notes!

Jen said...

Have fun in Mpls. I love that city.

shaheel said...

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