Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Proof pt. 2

An addendum to our discovery of (shaky) evidence of our appearance in Mysore. For those who truly have too much time on their hands, be sure to follow the links to the photos posted and then click the icon to the right of the picture to view as a slideshow - much bigger. Scroll through these pics (at the bottom, pause to view a picture for longer) - there are some really cool ones, particularly of Mysore-style (self) practice days. You can see the crazy energy of the room, the windows black in the pre-dawn, the many people doing different series, including some truly wicked poses. K & E think these pics really capture the feel of the practice there...and for those who learn by doing rather than by seeing, come by on Sunday and we'll give you a taste - Ashtanga yoga in the Quad Cities!!

The links again: Sweet Mysore Morning and Yoga Mudra and a new one Mysore, India, 6:33 AM. We're pretty sure that that's E in the last one, way on the left, Utthita Parsvakonasana, distinguishable by the right arm in the air and the hair under the chinny-chin-chin. I mean, how many OTHER bearded, yoga-bun wearing, white guys could there be?

PS Bonus points for locating E in the Mysore Morning pic...

PPS Hint: black shorts, far wall, Matsyasana

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