Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shala repre-SENT

Well kids, we're already looking forward to the weekend yoga madness, as usual. It's only March and things are getting toasty in the practice space, just like we like it. Every Tuesday we're surprised at what a great session we fit into 60 minutes in the Guided Ashtanga class, a shortened version of the Primary Series. Wednesday night's Vinyasa II class is turning out to be a great test kitchen for ideas for Saturday's Vinyasa III. A pinch of this, a touch of that, stir and simmer for 90 minutes. Delicious. Add a little more spice on Saturday and serve.

There really are endless combinations. The potentials of the human form alone are incredible (individual postures), and when you begin combining them, with patterns of movement interacting...well, you know the rest. Equal parts familiarity (consistency) and novelty (creativity) usually make for a good vinyasa class. And don't forget, the request lines ( are always open...

In breaking news, word is that we'll have some visiting yogis in the (hot)house on Sunday for the Primary Series. A few cats from Hothouse Yoga (a Bikram/Power studio in Coralville, IA) will be dropping by for some chatvari action. It promises to be a juicy, schwetty good time, as usual. We can't touch the thermostat (we're only renting, after all), so let's see what we can do to raise the temperature, er, naturally. Jumpbacks, anyone?

Shanti (peace) out!

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