Friday, March 20, 2009

The Joys of Yoga and the Art of Adjusting

A few videos to whet the appetite for some weekend practice.

Pattabhi Jois is no longer teaching, but his timeless presence is captured here: the shorts, the broken English, the impatience, the confusion, the vague hand gestures. It's classic Ashtanga Vinyasa, at it's finest. Who could forget those profound words: "Take it your hand! Tight it!"

Oh, and that poor guy on the left.

Here we see more of why Guruji is Guruji: his light touch, patience, and willingness to "listen to the body," a Western yoga catchphrase that surely originated in Mysore. The "standing on the heels" move is unprecedented. And during the feet-to-the-head move, notice how some get two or three five-counts (joy!), and witness Tim Miller (the third guy to be adjusted) release into bliss after Guruji's compassionate, healing touch.

See you in class!!


Jen said...

What did he say that got everyone laughing??

BG said...

I don't think he actually said anything, Jen. I think what you heard was that guy's spine snapping like a twig.

E and K said...

Got it (maybe): "Oh, today so stiff."