Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mysore practice? BAM!

(if you don't "get" the title, read this (toward the bottom of the page) - thanks, Jeff)

The Challenge got off to a ripping start this afternoon, with 15 students jumping, breathing, and "studying" their way through the Primary Series. The shala was nearly full to capacity and Baby New Year got his first good whoopin' of '09. The first, but not the last - oh, not by a long shot.

Highlights certainly included the attendance of visiting Ashtangis from Alabama, Iowa City...even "Moline" (ever heard of it?). It doesn't get much better than the opportunity to practice with other teachers and studio owners at our lil' ol' shala. James, Megan, Christopher, Kimberly - mad props.

This was for many of us one of the first challenges/opportunities in self-practice and, while it all seems pretty straightforward on Sundays ("Lemme guess...'jump back'?"), remembering what comes next can be daunting.

Luckily, there were plenty of books, flyers, hand-written notes, and other cheat sheets scattered about. We had to laugh thinking about such a scene were it to take place in Mysore, under the eye of Sharath: oh, the humanity! Oh, the wrathful Ut Plutihi that would follow! Who knows, though, maybe some of those ashtangis have (waterproof) crib notes tucked into their shorts...we were mostly too tired to pay much attention while we were there...

All in all, we can't call it anything but a smashing success, and hopefully a class that can be repeated and eventually added at more times during the week as we continue to peddle this practice on every street corner, looking to get people hooked. Nothing but a couple of pushers.

Best spied cheat sheet line:

"...sit (x10)
lift up (x10)
rest!" (that is, "watch me take this rest...BAM!")

Best adjustment(s):

You've got to hand it to Ann who, after floating through the Intro to Ashtanga course in September (that's only four months ago, for those of you keeping score at home), rocked some Garbha Pindasana today. Sure, it took getting misted like a houseplant and then dribbled like a basketball, but it's all in the name of spiritual evolution, eh? Welcome to 2009, Ann...I think it's going to be your year.

Up next...TGIF (Thank Ganesh It's Free) Primary Series, Friday, Jan 2, 530p. See you there!!


Jen said...

Is that Mysore approved Ibuprofin? Merci beaucoup!

Ann said...

Yesterday was awesome!

OMG! Thanks so much for the award!! LOL! I'm cracking up just thinking about it! During the ordeal, I told Evan, "OMG this is so not worth it." The video is pretty accurate (LOL!!!) except for the fact Evan had to hold me up during the arm balance because I couldn't a) breathe or b) stop laughing!!!! Oh and c) either my wrist or elbow was in the process of breaking. Ha!

I think it's time to invest in some real yoga pants. The Old Navy pj capris are hindering my folded up lotus practice. Sir Jois would not be impressed.

See you tonight!!! Yay!

Ann said...

P.S. BAM!!!!!!

BG said...

Here are some pants you should consider Ann:

PS...If you've never seen Anna Forest do her thing before, the vid is worth watching.

Z said...

That "Rest!" thing is important. Bam! I'm resting y'all!