Monday, December 29, 2008

Iron Ashtangi Challenge

QC Ashtangis- Let's see what you're made of. As Ann would say "Cue the Rocky music"

We are proud to announce the first ever in recorded history (maybe?) Iron Ashtangi Challenge. This event spans four grueling days beginning Thursday, January 1st with Mysore practice at 1:00pm. The madness continues Friday evening as Iron Ashtangi takes over Yoga Happy Hour Friday, January 2nd from 5:30-7:00pm. Jump back and get happy. Still have arms to lift up with ?? Evan's Vinyasa III, Saturday January 3rd will change that. And if you dare, if you are ashtangi enough to handle it (by that I mean totally out of your mind), the event comes to a finish Sunday, January 4th with the Led Primary Series 11:00am. Consider yourself lucky if you can drive yourself home after uthpluthi. "Only 9!"

Upon completion* of The Iron Ashtangi Challege you will receive a certificate noting your achievement (I'm not kidding. We're actually making certifiactes for this stupid thing.) And yes Brian, you will also receive a t-shirt OR a free class.

*Excessive "limping and bitching" will result in disqualification, so don't even go there. That means you Barbie.

Good Luck!

E & K

For more of this excellent Action Figure Ashtangis- Check out


BG said...

Oh....snap! You guys are so ON!
"Iron Ashtangi"...I love it.

You two had better alternate on who calls the classes, so our hate won't be focused on any ONE instructor after four days of "Lift UUPPPPPPP...!".

As per the T-shirt or free class, I was kidding about that, but I'll take it (four classes in a row, and your reward is: ANOTHER CLASS! YESSSS!). And...AND...a certificate. Sweet. I can hang it from my crutches, come Monday. I'll be the talk of the Hamstring Ward in the hospital (they have those, don't they?)
Just kidding, I'm really looking forward to it. What a great way to start the new year.

As for Spiderman and Barbie...I'm not sure what's going on in that pic, but I think that Spidey might be crossing the line of the "instructor/student relationship" taboo....hmm.....

Z said...
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Z said...

I'm all ready for the fun. Gotta the Ibuprofen, ice bag, and Polar Lotion all good to go.

I found this page referenced in another Ashtanga Blog that I've been reading through. Seems to put the proper SmackDown spin on it - Ashville Disclaimer. See the lower left corner of the page.

Ann said...

OMG hilarious! I am ready for the challenge but might miss Saturday!! :( Sadness. No cert for moi!

Today's class was way fun! I had to go ahead and order a book like Kathy's though in case I'm ever able to make another Mysore class!