Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am so excited today! Evan found photos taken at the Shala while we were there practicing and I am in TWO of them. They are not the most flattering, especially the second, but it's rare enough to have pictures from INSIDE the shala and even more rare that you might find yourself in one.

I guess flicker doesn't allow you to save the pictures to your computer, they're very clever. It's Ok though, this guy has a lot of pictures form Mysore and they are really interesting and well done. I might add, in the pictures of Mysore Mornings, there are relatively few people there compared to when we came back at the end of July. There surely were more than twice the students than in May/April. That was crazy. Crazy fun.

Can you find me in this one? A Hint: I wore my lavender top everyday we were there.

Like I said, this one, not so flattering. Obviously, I'm not the focal point of this pic, but still excited to see me, or at least most of me.

E and K


BG said...

Um...don't know what to say here. K, I definitely see you in those pics, man,that is fuckin' awesome. You're in INDIA, for god's sakes!
As to your previous post: Yeah, that Sunday class at the School is certainly something special....bring a &^*$#ing TOWEL!
Astanga is the perfect total body workout. Dare you to try iiiiit!!

Jen said...

I never doubted it for a second. You're a rockstar.

Z said...

Can't save them? You just need a couple of new tricks. I've got images saved off, I just need to get an email address to send them to you. I can do that tomorrow at the Sunday 1100 class.

re: Towel - I think I need a wetvac

Jeff C