Monday, May 19, 2008

...didn't get to bed last night

With our first doshas and chai in our bellies we are trying to shake off the jet lag, here in a nice recessed spot off of MG Road in Bangalore. The flying was something, absolutely disorienting, with mandatory lights on/lights off times and meals marking the otherwise non-existent circadian rhythms, but it all became real when we walked out of the airport very early Monday morning, the 19th. All is green and blooming, dogs and cows wandering the streets, and a crazier traffic situation than Grand Theft Auto. If you're driving in India, doors, lights, windows, and a drivers license are optional, but you'd better have a functioning horn.

We are overwhelmed - in a good way. The room is quite nice, considering - screens on the windows even! - and a bed with no shortage Tomorrow some exploring and the answer to the most burning quesion of the evening - how will this meal work out???!!

Stay tuned friends, for this and other exciting news.


Jen said...

Wow- you are in India. So cool. Can't wait to hear about the yoga.


Educational Leadership said...

So kind of you to share your adventure with us. Stumbled upon your blog and sending a bit of support from home. Learn and enjoy!

jen721 said...

I am glad to hear you made it there in one piece. I look forward to updates and anxious to know how your training is going. Take care.

Jen G.

Z said...

Glad to hear that you arrived. Enjoy!

Jeff C.

shayne said...

Will you be able to post pictures?

BG said...

All RIGHT...that's what I'm talkin' about! Way cool.Glad you made it OK. I'm sure after sitting on a plane for 22 hours, you are ready to do some yoga.You guys need to try some durian fruit if you come across it.

Brian G.

connie said...

We are all following your adventures--keep us posted. CG