Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lots of pictures!!

Wrapping up classes in the area these last few weeks. We've had guest teachers (thanks Betsy), new students, the regulars (shout out!!), and support from all.  Thanks to everyone. It looks like - somehow - life (and yoga) will continue in the area while we're gone. There are some new Ashtanga and Power yoga offerings, so check your local listings. We'll expect handstands and legs-behind-the-head (not necessarily at the same time, but extra points if you can!!) by August. For out part, we're going halfway around the world to find out, once and for all, where to put the in- and out-breaths during Surya Namaskara A and B (Sun Salutations). You're welcome.

We hope to be adding some classes in the fall, maybe offer Ashtanga and vinyasa classes throughout the week. This stuff is just too fun not to spread. Maybe we can fan the flames of the yoga already going in the QC and start a real pandemic. (We can only hope that its the only pandemic we bring back from India). It's catching on already. No vegetarian cafes just yet, but it's growing. Once we get our Lululemon store, we'll know we've arrived. Until then, let's all just thank Vishnu for online shopping and, in case of emergency, that Target has a yoga section.

We had a great time at Mark's Power class on Tuesday night. It was a great turnout, a great energy. It's a bit like Monday Night RAW with Mark, and he's declared himself the undisputed champion for the summer. We're currently engaged in a yoga teacher game of "chicken" with Mark, to see who can hold Warrior poses the longest without getting sued. He's winning, but after Tuesday I'm calling my lawyer. From my wheelchair.

We start at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute on Monday, the 26th (unless they let us in early). Can't wait to meet all the yoga bums.

Some final words of wisdom: when in doubt...vinyasa.

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