Monday, February 15, 2010

Shala time

We may be in trouble.

Well, not REAL trouble, but the kind of pretend, scowling, scolding trouble that makes up so much of the ashtanga tradition.

We missed led class this morning. Or, more accurately, the beginning of it.

Sharath said “445” and so we rose at 4, shuffled around and grunted at one another until 420 and then hit the scooter. As we pulled up to the shala we heard the first dawn-sounds of birds. And counting.


Either too proud or too smart to sneak/barge in to an ongoing class, we scooted back home. We walked back into our place with the clock reading 431a. WTF?

Rumor has it that the clock at the shala is EXACTLY 17 minutes fast, also known as “shala time.” We knew that everything runs about fifteen minutes early there and had figured this into our schedule. That would mean that Sharath’s 445 is actually 430, our time. This means we should have been arriving at the shala at about 423-25. This is maybe cutting it close, but we knew from our previous trip that 445 led class usually starts at about 5a by the shala clock inside and that the call for 445 is to make sure that no one is late. So, I repeat, WTF?

Methinks that, in addition to the other changes Sharath has been making, he’s been inching up the led class time a little. In retrospect, we can now remember that in addition to saying “445” he also said “430” for the led class time. This would be 430 and 415, respectively, in non-shala time. In short, it’s time for a new plan: ARRIVE at the shala at 4a OUR time. That may or may not happen for Friday’s led class, but certainly will happen again soon.

Luckily, we have our own little Sharath who lives in our computer, so we were able to practice, accompanied by a nice sinking feeling of guilt. Is it possible this is all a (subconscious) part of our masterplan to ensure that Sharath remembers who we are? The tea leaves are inconclusive.

Regardless, it’s back to Mysore-style class tomorrow morning. Either we will show up, wait, and get called in in the customary fashion and nobody will even notice that we were absent. Or, Sharath will mention it to one/both of us during backbending (the most consistent “face time”). Or, worst case scenario, he’ll see us in the waiting room and say in front of everyone something like “Yesterday you are sleeping? You already have one moonday, how many you need? Too much partying?” (characteristic chuckle and scowl)

Better or worse than being told to eat “ONE MEAL ONLY”?


Emilene said...

I've heard of the one-meal-a-day diet. The name I heard for it is the "warrior diet".( I've done it from time to time when I'm feeling fluffier than I'd like to. Eat nothing all day, then have a nice rich fatty dinner at night. Good times.

Z said...

Why do I have visions of Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Jack Nicholson?

E and K said...

The nice rich fatty dinner sounds great!