Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Healthy Living

(re: audio - enjoy some onlookers discussing the "Iron Man" of this group)

Hey there, cats and kittens. It was a great time Saturday at The Radish Healthy Living Fair. There were "alternative" (it's really pretty mainstream at this point) health and healing approaches as far as the eye could see: herbalists, massage, aromatherapy, and much, much more. Also, some chocolate chip cookies baking in a solar oven. Mmmmmm... And dogs (plus a dog show). Oh, and chiropractors. Lots and lots of chiropractors.

Anyway, there was also some yoga. DSY had the Biggest Yoga Class Ever (again) while Indigo, River Cities, and tapas all cuddled up together in one corner of one of the large tents, shooting the sh...breeze, appreciating NOT being in the direct sunlight, and promoting our respective spins on this practice.

It seemed to be a great turnout. We have not been to the Fair before, but for most of the seven hours a steady stream of people filtered by the table. Some were drawn in by the various yoga books and carvings; others were mortified: "If I ever look like THAT, call 911."

Half-price classes seemed to go over well; we're happy to say that even just a few days after the event we've seen some regulars and some new folks using their classes. Of course, you get what you pay for, so we're only giving half the attention and wisdom we would otherwise, and, perhaps most important, only counting half as fast. Win some, lose some.

We'll be drawing a winner (or two?) for a free monthly membership. To enter, we had people join the (e)mailing list (can you believe they fell for that?) and as a result we may have met the last person on the planet without an email address. Or so he said.

Other highlights included the concurrent Farmer's Market which, at high summer, is a wonderland of goodies. It's no Devraja Market in Mysore, where you can buy everything from a fresh banana to a live chicken (only dead chickens here), but its not too shabby for our little river community.

Each yoga studio filled roughly one hour of demo time and, batting clean-up, we decided to "go big or go home." We dug up the usual Saturday Vinyasa III class, trimmed it a bit, and transplanted it to the yoga demo area. Everybody's already seen the E & K show anyway...

So, shout out to Kathy, Kathy, and Jeff (all seasoned Saturday students) for putting it on the line. And not being too miffed when we were all shown up by the kids in the audience, who seemed completely unfazed by not only these difficult postures, but my practicing them on the CONCRETE. (Shout out to Belle, Francesca, Liam, and all the other yogis who dropped in for this class.) Thanks also to Ann and Brian for their photography...we brought a camera (really) but (as usual) it never made it out of the bag. On a completely unrelated topic, doesn't it really bother you that yogis get slapped with that goofy, absent-minded, hipster-dufus label? Thought so.


Jen said...

Looks like a blast! Sad to have missed it.

Z said...

Iron Man? *lol* Yeah, right...

I was feeling more like Rain Man that day and then again on Sunday given the temperature and all of the "locally heavy showers" from all the sweat that was falling out of me. The rug has never worked so well.

Ann said...

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!