Saturday, May 9, 2009


kirtan (keer-tawn) n.
anskrit "to repeat") an ancient yoga practice of rhythmic music and chanting

As you may have observed if you've been to the shala lately, we are hosting a kirtan at the end of the month: Tuesday, May 26 at 730p. Like our guest instructor workshop (Sara Strother), our yoga clothing "trunk sale" (be present), the weekly orthodox Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series, and many of the postures you may find in class on Saturdays, the practice of kirtan is a yoga first for the QC (to our knowledge). Also similar to those other events, this practice is extremely popular in larger yoga communities (Chicago, or on the coasts), and we're happy to play a small part in bringing it to this community. Unlike trunk sales, however, the practice of kirtan is ancient, far older than even the practice of postures.

Kirtan is basically a party, a concert in which the audience participates. Drums and other instruments accompany singing, usually repetitive Sanskrit phrases.

It's remarkable how dry this description makes a kirtan sound; in fact, it is anything but. If you've ever listened to Krishna Das, you've got a flavor for kirtan: high energy, fun, synergistic. Sort of like being part of an Indian, yoga jam band.

We are happy to have Dharmashakti dropping by for one night as part of a national tour. Check out the video below or his website to get something of a feel for what to expect. The videos do lack one essential part of the kirtan experience: the audience, which can be heard but not seen.

It's going to be a good time.

PS Oh yeah, suggested donation is $12.

PPS Oh yeah pt II: it's tacky, it's bad form to ask in this forum, but we are looking for some lodging for Dharamshakti and Christian (he's the other half of the band). They are easy going and even have air mattresses, but also have pet allergies (dog and cat). So, we're out. They have said they would rather stay in a home than a hotel if possible, so we're putting out the call. Any takers?


Emilene said...

I would SO be there if George Harrison was going to come back to life and be there! Awesome!

Dharmashakti said...

Emilene: George wasn't the only one who got by with a little help from his friends. We need you, too! Hope to see you at TYS for the Kirtan. I'll save a tambourine for you!

OM shanti, OM peace.