Wednesday, March 11, 2009

She's BAAAAaaaack....

This is Sara Strother. Remember her? She dropped by the shala in November to totally school E at his own game in his *yawn* Vinyasa III class. We know what you're thinking - about E and another claim of persecution but, unlike those UFOs and KGB agents we're always hearing about, this time there WAS a witness, and Ann wrote a blog about the experience (it's after the stuff about shopping).

Anywho...Sara is a Chicago-based Anusara instructor. (Check out her website: She also might be a ninja (again, see pics). One way or another, she is one bad-ass chica, as Ann would say. Anusara Yoga, by the way, is the system founded by John Friend, with whom Sara has studied (she's also studied with just about every other notable Anusara teacher in the country). If you don't know, you betta axe somebody. Or read about Anusara Yoga here.

(Not to digress, but how do these yogis end up with these names - John Friend, Richard Freeman, David Life - can these possibly be their given names? Usually to have to become a monk and take a spiritual name to get something like that - and even then it's in Sanskrit!)

We've just confirmed Sara for two workshops at the shala next month.

Friday, April 10th, 630-8p will be Align with the Divine: An Exploration of the Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment. This class is appropriate for everyone (beginner and up). It will be an introduction to some of the basic elements of Anusara Yoga. Expect a rounded class with standing and seated postures, with both flow and alignment emphasized in the sequence.

Saturday, April 11th, 9-1130a Sara will teach Hearts on Fire: An Anusara Radical Expansion Class. We let her know that we like things hot and sweaty the shala, and she's obliged with this vinyasa-style class that promises to include arm balances, inversions, and backbends. For this one there are some prerequisites to ride the rides, kids: we ask that you are able to kick up into inversions at the wall (unassisted) and press up into Urdhva Dhanurasana.

We're working on pricing, how many spots to offer (it will be limited and probably full) and the other fine print for this event, but wanted to let you know as soon as we knew. Be sure to save the date - it's going to be a good one.

If you want more info about this event, the prerequisites mentioned (a new phenomenon for yoga in this area, we know) or to get your name on the list, contact us at the shala at or 309.236.6084.

More to come.


Jen said...

Put my name on the list for Friday night!!

Ann said...

Holy ___. (hint: the word is not "moly") We meet again. I still can't do WIII. Oh well!

This wanna-be is in for Saturday's class!!! I think I made the pre-reqs but I'm going to check that sanskrit word now (I think it means backbend)!

Mucho namaste!!

Michelle said...

It would be nice to connect with a fellow Anusara Inspired Yoga Teacher! I think both Fri and or Sat (def Sat) will be good for me. But I will be late on Friday due to my JediYoga class with the kiddos at River City Yoga.

Michelle Campbell

Sara said...

No, I am not a ninja! Just a dedicated student of a highly refined yoga system.

I hope you all will come with enthusiasm for a practice that is expressed from the inside out - attitude comes before action. The poses are just expressions of our intentions to align with our truest essence. So even if you can't touch your toes, you should still be able to smile! Even if you fall over in WIII, be lighthearted enough to laugh because no one is in this alone!

Best wishes and see you soon,

Sara said...

oh yeah...and John Friend really was born under that name. very auspicious indeed!