Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ashtanga FAQ

We're still hoping to get some more responses to our call for your "romance postures" (see previous entry), but found something additional worth sharing in the meantime.

Tejas Yoga is an Ashtanga Studio in Houston that, apparently, likes their practice pretty intense. (They also have some great photos and video clips...) However, these fine folks apparently feel, as we are wont to do at the shala, that a splash of humor is healthy when taking the body to its limits. Or, at least, before or after class.

Here is an excerpt from the FAQ section of their site. As someone, somewhere, once said (probably), "It's funny because it's true."

What is a Mysore rug? A rug is a nice addition to your mat if you sweat a lot and start sliding midway through your practice. Otherwise the mysore rug is what you wrap your sticky mat in so that you can store it away safely in the big closet with all the other failed sporting goods purchases made in the past.

How much water should I drink during practice?
Proper hydration is very important, especially in Houston. Traditionally no water is drunk during Ashtanga practice. Come well hydrated and also drink plenty afterwards. In my experience as a teacher water is mainly a way to get a break from the practice. If there are special needs please discuss it with your teacher but avoid putting a water bottle next to your mat and pausing every six breaths to drink.

Can I bring my cellphone?
Only if you have a bluetooth headset, talk in a whisper and make wild arm gestures. Please turn off your cellphone during class or even better leave it in your car or at home so you do not forget to turn it off. If you have a grave emergency and need to be by the phone maybe yoga should not be on the menu that day. Or maybe some quiet practice at home is in order. That might help you feel better while not disrupting the other students in class.

What about toweling off the sweat? That is part of the winning trifecta: water bottle, cellphone and towel. If you have all three your are an accomplished non practitioner. Towelling off between every pose because you are made of sugar and you might melt, drinking your way to hyponatremia and keeping an ear out for when the cell will vibrate in your handbag will assure your yogic progress. You should use a towel to wipe the space around your mat if you sweat profusely. Otherwise leave it at home, Linus.


BG said...


You can have my towel rag when you pry my hot,sweaty hands from it. I'm not having sweat run into my eyes for 90 minutes because the Ashtanganazis in Houston don't like it, so suck it, Texas!


E and K said...

Don't tempt me

Ann said...

Haha. Hilarious!

Even I (emphasis on the "I") don't try to take my cell phone into yoga. Those who do try must be REALLLLLY addicted to the b.berry.

I did use the water excuse for a couple weeks during my most hated pose, but then I blogged about it on accident so I haven't been able to sneak out!

E and K said...

It's so very true, right?