Saturday, December 20, 2008

When the Circus Comes to Town/The Madness Continues

'Tis the season to give the gift for the person who has everything, the present that will leave them saying "And...why did you give me this?", the one sure to go down in the books as the oddest present ever...that's right, have K & E do their freak show yoga demo for your family member, loved one, or sworn enemy. It's also the perfect gift for weddings, baby showers, bachelor(ette) parties, bah mitzvahs, singing (stretching) telegrams - you name it and your favorite yoga couple is more than ready to whore themselves out.

It was just such a show at superyogi Pete McDermott's party for the 30th anniversary of his construction company this Friday. Now, it's clear what you're thinking: a yoga demo at a construction company anniversary party - what could be more natural? Yet, as logical as it seems, it was a bit odd rolling in, mats under arms, weaving through the slacks, pantsuits, and jamtrack jazz. It was immediately clear that at the very least, it might be wise to nix any chanting.

As we started, it occurred to me that if "wtf?" can in fact be classified as an emotion (recent scientific evidence says it can), it was exactly that emotion that filled the room and the chatter died away. They really seemed to like the floating, and it was clear that most of them had never considered the benefit in putting your _______ above/behind/around/through/between your _______.

But they know now.

The best moment was definitely at the end, after some startled applause, when the crowd broke into "Pete! Pete! Pete! Pete!" demanding to see the host's skillz. Luckily, he was wearing a brand new Gucchi sweater that simply could be risked. Instead, the jazz returned, and the moment passed.

Shout out to the yogis who were there. We're pretty sure they came for us, and that the free beer had nothing to do with it. Even though it was Fat Tire. Ice cold. On tap. Did we mention free?

And then, as we were leaving, K fell ass first on the ice, first step out of the place. Namaste.


Saturday's Vinyasa III continues to set the standard for advanced yoga in the area. If you've ever wondered what the full breadth and depth of the asana system has to offer, stop on by and see what's what. Today (as every week) we partnered up for Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Downward Facing Tree pose aka Handstand). Other highlights included some deep backbending: Kapotasana (shown here in an...uh...assisted version) and Chakra Bandhasana (demonstrated in B&W by Dharma Mittra); arm balances, including Bakasana from Sirsasana, and lots of forward bending - while lying on the back, strangely enough. We don't all manage to pull off every pose - far from it, in fact, but trying them all is a great time. It's both humbling and motivating. uplifing and calming, as any good yoga whoopin' should be. Good times, good times. It all culminated in a Quotastic:

"I can only do one thing at a time - panic or breathe."

The shala will be closed 12/24 (Wed) through 12/27 (Sat) and will reopen for Sunday class 12/28. You can always drop us a line here or at Holla back!


Z said...

I think I've got that "Take Rest" thing figured out. Way fun as always.

BG said...

Great class, as always. I must remember to never take the spot next to THAT radiator again. I was sweating so badly, I couldn't even DO some of the poses, due to lack of friction!
The handstands are getting more intuitive and less "chatty", the Sirsasana/Bakasana cycle isn't AS crazy as it used to be (tho like I said after class: lifting back into Headstand after that 5-count of Crane took just about everything I HAD!!!)
Even if you can't do a lot of this stuff, it is a way hella fun class!


Hey QC Reader: "Best Yoga Class EVER!"

Ann said...

LOL. Hilarious post!! I'm so sad I missed Pete's party and the demo. I'm sure it was awesome.

Personally, I will have to wait until I've gone for a couple more weeks to say it's the best class EVER. Right now I think it's pure evil! I'm having the SEVEREST case of the "Limp & B." today! Yikes! Best workout, though, for sure. That headstand combo was insane. Insane, I say. Brian, if I hadn't been watching you (from an upside down angle) then I would've had no idea what was going on. HA!

BG said...

Aw...c'mon know you love that s&#t! You've been doing yoga for what: 3-4 MONTHS!?
That is NOT a put-down, actually...a complement. I mean, I've been practicing for 3ish YEARS and Evan's Vinyasa III class on Saturdays absolutely kicks my ASS! The fact that you attended and KEEP attending what is frankly, the toughest yoga class I'VE ever been to, is testament enough to ME that you are bad-ass.
And a disclaimer: If you WERE watching me during the Bakasana / Sirsasana cycle, please know that any trembling/shaking was INTENTIONAL, yeah ...intentional! ;-)
Anyway, keep on a limpin' but stop that bitchin'!!

BG if we can just get MARK to go to that class...(smirk)

Ann said...

You are never shaking compared to me!

Omg - we must get Mark there. Maybe he can wear his baseball uniform. :) So super cute! LOL.

BG said...

It would be great to get Mark there, I agree. If he was wearing his uniform, that would be, um...extra special...I guess. What're you THINKING, Ann!!??

Little chance of that tho. Does Mark even still PRACTICE yoga? Been a big NO-show lately. Perhaps he is in India researching his chakras and working on his chanting! : )


Ann said...

Ha! Does he still play baseball? Omg, I so did not mean it that way!!! hahahaha!! I was referring to his tee-ball outfit that I had posted on my blog awhile back. Needless to say, he wasn't too impressed with the printout we made for him. Ha!!! Gotta love Facebook.

Mark says he has been "injured." Of course I haven't seen him for weeks (it seems like) so hopefuly he can fully recover for Sunday's class!

Z said...

Perhaps we'll be trying this at the next V3 class *lol*