Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mysore Success

Today, I couldn't be happier :) In only it's second week up and running, Tapas Yoga Shala saw it's first successful Mysore style class. Brian, Jill and Evan spent a bit of the afternoon here practicing the Primary Series. I was envious to be in the room only watching but it was great!

A Mysore class is different than any other type you've been to. It is, of course, an Ashtanga yoga practice but one that is appropriate for all levels- even beginners! Mats are rolled out cotton rugs on call, and we all start at the top of the mat with the Opening Chant. After OM, it's off to the races, everyone moving through the Primary Series (or as much as they know) at their own pace. A teacher (that's me) eagerly waits for the chance to help when the next pose escapes you or when an adjustment is needed.

I have found this style a highly effective way of learning the series, putting what you know to the test but reassured there is someone there when you need help. It's also a building block for developing a regular, home practice. A must for those who wish to reap the benefits Ashtanga yoga has to offer.

If you have the time, check it out. There's nothing to fear!!!
Thursdays, 1:00pm shala time


BG said...

Yeah, that was fun Kelly! Kinda weird, in a good way: totally silent, except for the breathing. I know most of the Primary Series, but I certainly goofed a few times. Kelly was right there to tell me what was up!
For those a little nervous about this class: I was a LITTLE bit nervous myself, but the stuff I didn't know, Kelly was there with the assist. That's the whole point of the class! So if you're thinking about it....just GO!


Ann said...

Yay! If you start another Mysore, I would LOVE to come at literally any other time. Early a.m., late afternoon, evening, weekend...I'll be there. I'm not as good as Brian or Jill, of course :) so I may need Kelly to help me. :)

Wish I could come on Thursdays but my boss won't let me leave work for yoga. Lame!!!