Sunday, August 10, 2008

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Primary Series?

Not Us!!!!

Today, Evan lead a full house seamlessly through the Primary Series, start to finish. Great job to everyone. We tried new poses and hung our best with the vinyasas. The first time is always difficult and seems impossible to repeat. We are completely confident that over time every student will become stronger, more flexible and yes, will one day find the tranquility that is the essence of Ashtanga Yoga.

Was it difficult? Yes!
Did we sweat? Yes!
Did we love it? Yes!

Since our return from AYRI, Sunday Ashtanga yoga now has a new look and is even better than before. We are now teaching the full Primary each Sunday. If you didn't make it today, have no fear: same place, same time next Sunday, 11am sharp. Come check it out!


jen721 said...

OK, I didn't check out your first week back, but I was there Sunday. It was awesome! I will be back for more. I do have a question... Do you count slower when getting to five? It sure feels like it.

It was difficult.
I sweat my booty off.
I loved it.
I'll be back for more!

BG said...


E and K said...

Good for you Jen
I was very happy to see both of you there. And yes, five is a long way from four. Strange isn't it?

E and K said...
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