Friday, June 20, 2008

Rice, or Eating Cheap in Mysore

Plain rice
Ghee rice
Paneer rice
Cheese rice
Garlic rice
Onion rice
Garlic and onion rice
Potato rice
Herb rice
Herb rice w/ paneer
Herb rice w/ ghee
Herb rice w/ garlic and onion
Tomato rice
Tomato rice w/ onion
Tomato rice w/ onion and ghee
Tomato rice w/ paneer
Curd rice
Mango rice
Mango banana rice
Mango curd rice
Potato rice
Carrot rice
Carrot and radish rice
Fried rice
Vegetable fried rice
Stuck pot rice
Dahl rice
Sambar rice

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jen721 said...

Don't know why, but now I'm hungry...