Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Finally! (click on the word and all will be revealed...)


Johanna Welzenbach-Hilliard said...

From the looks of this blog, you guys must have ALOT of time on your hands! Jeani says your studying Sanskrit because it's too hot to do anything else. Will you come home bi-lingual?

You are missed, of course, but, as far as I know, your classes are covered. I keep your Wednesday nite Trinity class up to date as to your activities. Now I can just tell them to go on the blog!

Keep away from that one rupee jackfruit and read some Rudyard Kipling and "The Jewel in the Crown" while you're there.

Love Johanna

jen721 said...

Glad to see you guys are getting into the hang of things. Evan, it looks like you have shaved recently... How long can last before you shave your head? Kelly, the picture of you and the young boy at the bank is fitting.

Miss you guys. So glad you keep on regularly posting!


Laura Harris said...

WOW! I hope to see some neat tricks when you two get back! I miss you guys. Cous seems to be havin fun on the farm. I hope to go to Mark's class on Sunday. What day is it there? Did you get new yoga mats yet? GO STIMULUS CHECKS! LOL