Saturday, May 24, 2008

Jack Fruit Nightmare

Ok so we've just recovered from our first sick. I've made it out of the place, Evan has not yet. When confronted with the question, Should i have the 1 rupee jackfruit or the two rupee jackfruit? I would recommend the two rupee jack fruit. In general though we like the food. Today Evan made some rice at our place, it was the first we've eaten since Friday night.

We have a place to stay. It's a room in the first floor of a house, currently we share with one other person but I think someone new will move in soon.

We had our first practice on Friday morning. It was awesome. So much energy you feel like you could do anything. When we finished, we were very tired. He wants everything just so. Hand here, head there. You are asked to quit when you don't get something quite right. I didn't put my head down in Bju and Evan rolled the wrong way in garbapidasana. As out roommate says " you get knocked out for not knowing what you're doing, not for being crap." Refreshing ;) When you're asked to stop, you just wait there on your mat for the finishing poses. He really does count crazy slow in headstand. Fridays and Sundays are led classes with Saturday off. Tomorrow will be our first day of Mysore style. I'm not sure how far we'll make it before the fatigue of this illness takes over. This was fine with me. It will take a while before I'm used to the heat.

Hope all is well!
Peace and love
Kelly and Evan


Oswald said...

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jen721 said...

Thank you for posting regularly! It is nice to hear that you guys are doing well (hopefully Evan will feel better soon!) I am interested to know more about your mysore experience! Take Care.

N said...

Glad to hear classes are going well and that you guys have a place to live. I'm looking forward to reading more and eventually seeing some pictures. Take care you guys...


ps- I sent an e-mail to Evan's Gmail account

shayne said...

Tell me more about this Jack fruit. Clif and I also want to know, when you get asked to stop is it just for the pose or for the remainder of the class?

Harris said...

Looking forward to hearing more. Hope you are feeling better. Went to Betsy's class glad she is doing that. I have sent email to your hotmail.

Take care.


BG said...

That sucks, but let's face it: it was gonna happen sooner or later. Maybe this will be your only "sick", and you've already gotten over it! I've had canned jackfruit before, and its pretty tasty. Now see if you can find the fabled mangosteen fresh (
Glad you're feeling better! Now back to business: One.......two......