Sunday, April 20, 2008

Whoa Baby!!!

Congratulations Prenatal Yoga student Manisha and Justin on the birth of their beautiful baby boy Nicasio- Nico.  What a wonderful treat it is to see Manisha and the baby after our time spent together in class.  Often times, it was just the three of us together in the purple room on Saturday mornings.  When I went to visit the newborn in the hospital, I wore my yoga clothes so he would recognize me.

One of my favorite parts of teaching this class is hearing about, and if I'm lucky, seeing the new-to-this-world being.  Recently, another student brought her little girl up for her first visit to The Davenport School of Yoga, what a wonderful treat.

Because I know that the baby inside can hear people on the outside, I often wonder what their experience of a yoga class is.  With mom moving all around, it must be an interesting ride.  Some students have told me that especially during Savasana or right after class, the baby, or in a recent case, babies (twins), were very active.

Well, hopefully I'll be off again to see Nico next week.  I wonder if these prenatal babies, grow up predisposed for yoga, full vinyasa in the first year,  maybe-baby?

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