Saturday, April 12, 2008

Meditation: BOR-ing

Yoga is meditation.

It waits for us on the far shore of asana practice, patiently biding time while we ever-so-slowly settle ourselves, unknowingly preparing for the real adventure of this more direct practice.

But in about this...

You are sitting there, at your computer, reading this. Perhaps you did some yoga today, or will later on, or maybe it's a rest day. Chances are, you have done or will do some yoga recently or soon, if you ended up at this blog.

Perusal of this blog could also signal the need for another hobby.

But, safe to say, yoga happens there, while currently you are here. This is leisure/computer time. But perhaps...sitting there are the computer, eyes open, still reading, you notice the full visual field. Notice the bridge of the nose. See the next blink. Don't let it take you away, keep reading, but do your best to hold this new awareness as well.

Oh - there's another blink.

And now, how about noticing the next breath? Everything else falls into place quickly after that - feet on the floor, weight through the sitting bones...this is starting to sound familiar, a bit like yoga class.

This is a higher consciousness. It's often called The Witness, or The Watcher. There needn't be anything weird or mystical about it (though it is the beginning of mystical development). As you can tell, it is a different - "higher" - perspective, from which you can watch yourself doing whatever it is that you're doing. So, it is a "higher" consciousness. Nifty, eh?

How long have you been submerged in the mind before this brief appearance?

And how long now until those waves close over you again?

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