Monday, March 31, 2008


Our trip plans are coming along nicely with a few major obstacles out of the way. Last Friday, we went to Passport Health for a lengthy discussion of possible illness we might encounter. It was not uplifting to say the least. More mosquitoes than I'll ever be able to plan for. On the other hand, we talked through lots of useful information about food, water etc. We also got to ask some questions. Then we got vaccinations. After stiff arms and rusty bodies, we are feeling totally hulked out and more confident in maintained health. Healthy bodies, happy practice.

Also we have heard back from a man who helps students make living arrangements while staying in Mysore. We will be there for at least 6 weeks and it will be nice to leave knowing we won't have to begin each early morning with long taxi rides. More to come on this, Krishna is on vacation until April 10th so we'll try not to bother him anymore.

There will be lots to do in Mysore. Practice will be done early in the day and we'll have lots of time to explore. Included is a picture of Mysore Palace, one of many places we're hoping to see. It still seems very far off. There's kind of an interesting website if anyone is interested. It's the latest one I've been reading through.

We have still not decided what we are going to do after our time in Mysore. We will likely travel a bit around India. It's nice to have some time planned and some unplanned.

Who Knows

Seven more weeks


jensmith98 said...

I think you should have a bon voyage ashtanga class/party the week before you leave. So we can send you off in style. Can't believe you leave so soon.


Drew said...

Aye, I second that motion

BG said...

The Mysore Palace...isn't that the one that they light up every night? VERY beautiful (at least the pictures).