Saturday, March 15, 2008

Missing Saturday Classes

As you may know, Evan and I are away this weekend. It's nice to be in another town and have another routine, on the other hand, I'm missing a few classes today and one tomorrow. My Beginning Ashtanga class would be in week 5 today and we've really been rolling. My kids class is on break. Then there's the prenatal class. Probably the most difficult to teach and most rewarding class I have right now.

Last week, a former student brought her baby in for the first time. It was really a treat to see and hear that they were doing so well. A beautiful little girl. Then just yesterday, I was at one of my favorite stores and they told me the owner, who was in my Trinity prenatal class, had her baby on leap day. What a surprise.

This class is especially interesting because I see these women, and often their significant others week after week, changing, and then bloop! They disappear! It's like no other class in that way.

One current Saturday student has been coming to class for sometime now and is so close, I almost didn't want to leave. She assured me though they have other plans and she would wait.

So my class starts in 10 minutes or so and needless to say, my thoughts are there right now. Take Care

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