Friday, February 29, 2008

Yoga in Cambridge and Bishop Hill- The Yoga Frontier

As you may have noticed, we teach a two classes a week in our home town of Cambridge and one in Bishop Hill. We are rounding one year in Cambridge. What a surprise! Many people have tried it out, many have continued to attend. It's really cool to be able to share this interest of ours with new people.
Usually Evan and I each teach a class through the week in Cambridge. Right now though, I teach both nights. We rent a space above the Henry County Farm Bureau. It's a big open room with a nice wood floor. We set up mats and a lamp and off we go. The students and community have been highly supportive. We even made the Cambridge Chronicle with a little help from our friends. It's been a real pleasure to see students enjoy the classes so much. Even when it's super cold!!
In November, I started going out to Bishop Hill on Sunday nights for a class. If you know us from the cities, it sounds like a long way, but it's actually really close and seems to be a good time for people. This class is held in the gallery above the potters shop. It's really beautiful and the people are awesome. We get a really good turn out in this class and have a high percentage of men. Jeff, the potter downstairs is always there to let us in and practices too.
These are beginner classes with interesting elements added when appropriate. It's fun to teach so many different types of classes to all different people. Yoga changes people, whatever practice style, whatever space you occupy. It makes our lives more comfortable, more livable, more joyful.

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